The Saturday Writer’s Roundup #1

by J.J.Foxe on September 15, 2012

One of the things that I did before I launched was read a wide range of blogs and websites that relate to writers – either the topics were writing, creativity, practice or (self) publishing.

One of my mastermind group suggested it would be worth sharing some of those links that I found were useful….and the Saturday Writer’s Roundup was born.  So here are 6 articles/blog posts I’ve read in the last week that I found interesting enough to bookmark and/or re-read and/or post a comment on.

The New World Of Publishing: Pricing In the wake of the ongoing DOJ v Big 5 and Apple case going on re Agency Pricing, Dean Wesley Smith gives us his view on the price points Indie writers should be setting for their stories – and he gives price points for short stories, , collections, novellas and novels.  Food for thought.

The Tipping Point  Science fiction author and coach Steven Barnes talks in this post about writing and what it means to him.  Here’s a part I loved: ” I WOULD RATHER FAIL AT WRITING THAN SUCCEED AT ANYTHING ELSE.”

The Writer You Want To Be This is a post by Kristine Kathryn Rusch – and if you’ve not sampled her ‘business’ posts before, you should.  I could summarize it…but take my word for it, you should just go read it.

How Do You Earn A Living As A Novelist?  This post from ‘The Snowflake Guy’ Randy Ingermanson is also touched on in his September’s Advanced Fiction Writing Ezine.  Which is one of the few writing newsletters I’m subscribed too – and you should be too IMO.

3 Reasons Why Coercing Readers Into Newsletter Subscriptions Is A Bad Idea  Roni Loren is a new blogger/author to my Google Reader…but there’s some great stuff on her website.  I put this article into my Saturday Round Up because I don’t agree with it….and I need to write about this at some stage.  But it’s a well written post, go read it and form your own viewpoint.

Why Amazon Publishing?  Author Stant Litore who has previously published two zombie novels, gives us chapter and verse on being approached by Amazon and the reasons why he’s decided to publish via one of Amazon’s Imprints.


Was just reading Dean’s article again, and JA Marlow left a great comment, with a link to a post analyzing Amazon’s own pricing with their 47 Degrees North imprint.  It’s well worth checking out – and you can read it here:

47 Degrees North Pricing Analysis

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