Saturday Roundup 5

by J.J.Foxe on October 13, 2012

The publishing and self publishing landscapes are changing at bewildering speeds. One of the things that’s part of my routine is to try and keep up to date with what’s happening as being experienced by other authors.  Every saturday I share the best posts that I’ve found each week – irrespective of when they were originally published!

Here are this week’s list of posts that are required reading for fiction writers:

How Writers Should Die  This is a post by James Scott Bell over at The Kill Zone.  In this post he talks about James M Cain, writing when nobody’s buying, the return of the novella and more.  (Of course in the Kindle Age writers don’t have to rely on publishers buying).

Why I Chose Indie Pub This is a post by author Ruthanne Reid which sets out the pros and cons of various forms of publishing (though she focuses on print books and doesn’t talk about eBooks).  Definitely worth reading.

The Hottest Tip No Fiction Writer Can Afford To Ignore  This post is about the importance for fiction writers of writing a series.  There are some great examples too!  I’ve got my own spin on Indie Publishing and writing a series, and I’ll be talking more about this as I get the first book in my first series ready for Kindle.  (That series will be called The Kingston Chronicles btw!)

The New World Of Publishing: Promotion This is a post by Dean Wesley Smith with his take on what writers should do in terms of promotion.  There’s a good comment thread too – including a lively detour on practicing between Dean and yours truly!

Why Wattpad Works  This is an article I came across in The Guardian….I think I ended up there by reading something on David Gaughran’s Let’s Get Digital Site.  This article is about Wattpad – which is a free to join site where you can post fiction.  Good article.

What I’ve Learned About Writing In The Last Six Months  This is a post from Larry Brooks over at  This one is what I’d call a pitch post…it’s telling a story related to a service, and then subtly putting that service in front of the reader.  However, there are some great practice lessons from the story itself.

Productivity Tips For Writers  This post is a guest post over at The Creative Penn. Now every writer is different, but it’s always worth checking out what processes other writers are using as you’ll never know when you’re going to find a nugget that will help you improve or refine your own process.




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