Saturday Fiction Writing And Indie Publishing Round Up #9

by J.J.Foxe on November 10, 2012

Each Saturday I publish a collection of links to articles on fiction writing and Indie Publisher that I’ve enjoyed, found interesting, disagreed with, or just decided to link too.

This week’s been ‘quieter’ than normal for me on my journeys round the blogosphere due to some unexpected – but really interesting – chaos with one of my ‘Day Jobs.’  And yep, that plural is intentional, I have three!

I still managed to find some great posts though to share with you….and in no particular order, here they are:

 Battle Song Of The Storyteller  This is from dark fantasy freelance penmonkey Chuck Wendig (see also below for interview) and is a modern day version of the Prayer to The Muse (see The War Of Art).  My favourite line:

“I am a storyteller and I will write the tits off this motherfucker.”

Highly recommended.

Why Bad Guys Think They’re Good Guys This is a great post over at Carolyn Kaufman’s psychology for writers blog. Chris Vogler (author of The Writer’s Journey) puts it like this: Every character is the hero of their own story.  Taking this on board will lead to you writing three dimensional characters – both ‘good’ and ‘bad.’  As Carolyn points out, during WW2 Hitler was portrayed by German propoganda as a Christ like figure fighting off German’s enemies.  Great post.

Traction  This is a post over at Steven Pressfield’s blog.  Yep, that Steven Pressfield.  I’m a big fan…this is very much in the mold of kicking the pants out of Resistance and Doing The Work.  My favourite line: “Work is when you have pages at the end of the day that you didn’t have at the beginning.”

How To Write A Novella  This post is by James Scott Bell – who has written several acclaimed writing ‘How-Tos.’  This post is about writing a Novella….something that’s not much written about.  Which is strange as the Novella length piece of work is a perfect match for Kindle and electronic formats.  Go check it out.

Writing Metaphor, Memorable Characters and Horror with Chuck Wendig

This is a great interview with dark fantasy writer Chuck Wendig that you can find at The Creative Penn.  Chuck is an interesting guy….and there are some interesting takeaways from this interview.  The top two for me are the relevance of screenwriting to storytelling, and that Chuck is planning to write 7 novels between now and the end of 2013!

How To Write 80,000 Words In A Weekend  This is a post on Brian Keene’s website…I thought it was an interesting read given that it’s NaNoWriMo month.  (The most I’ve ever done was 25,000 words in two days).  Following on from this…

Estate Stuff From Kris and Update From me  This post over at Dean Wesley Smith’s site is interesting purely because he lets us know that he has taken on a ghost writing job and will be writing a 70,000 word novel in 10 days in December.  And letting us in on the process.  Looking forward to that…and obviously will follow on with updates!

New At Da Foxe

There’s not been much new this week here as I’ve been busy with other stuff as I said in the intro.  But if you missed yesterday’s post on Writing, Tiger Woods and Deliberate Practice you might wanna check that out:

Lessons For Fiction Writers From Tiger Woods – The Art Of Deliberate Practice Part 1



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