Saturday Fiction Writing and Indie Publishing Round Up #12

by J.J.Foxe on December 1, 2012

Each Saturday I publish a collection of links to articles on fiction writing and Indie Publisher that I’ve enjoyed, found interesting, disagreed with, or just decided to link too.

In no particular order, here are this week’s collection of links:


How I Write  I always love reading other writer’s processes and how THEY write.  I rarely pick up anything I want to try myself, that’s not the point.  I just enjoy reading other people talk about the process.  This post is REALLY enjoyable – it’s from Garth Nix.  I can’t wait to introduce Nix’s ‘Sabriel’ trilogy to my eldest son in maybe a year or two.    Plus I’m intrigued to see how he gets on with The Keys To The Kingdom too.  Garth Nix is a fabulous writer…really interesting post.

How Chuck Wendig Writes A Novel  Yep, another post about an author’s writing process.  Chuck Wendig has written 5 novels in 2012 and plans 7 more in the next year!  In this post he talks about HIS writing process.  I love Chuck’s style and this is definitely worth reading.

TV Writing Seminar by Stephen Cannell. This link takes you to Page 1 of 9 Pages written by TV script writer Stephen Cannell and distills 35 years of experience.  Some great tips and advice here.

A Long Tail Business: Controlling Your Destiny War of Art author Steven Pressfield has created a ‘video book’ (as he calls it) talking about controlling your destiny in publishing.  The videos are short and sweet…there are three on this page, total viewing time is about 6 minutes.  The first one in particular – with specifics of sales and royalties – should be watched several times.  (Especially if you’re thinking of publishing the traditional route).

A New Free Way To Sell Books From Your Sidebar  This is a post that shows how to install a (free) plug in to display your books in your blog’s sidebar.  (Of course you need a wordpress site for this to work).  I’ll be installing this myself and putting the first book of my upcoming series on the sidebar in the next few days…

Getting Rid Of The Middleman  This post over at Kris Rushch’s website talks about development in indie publishing, and particularly crowdfunding.  Like most of Kris’s posts, this is recommended.

Simon and Schuster Join Forces With Author Solutions To Rip Off Writers  This post over at David Gaughran’s excellent Let’s Get Digital Website is about trad publisher SImon and Schuster’s big announcement this week – if you’ve not published anything yet, please go read this so you are aware of at least one of the big author scams out there and can avoid it.

What’s New On Da Foxe This Week?

In case yo missed them, I curated two really interesting videos this week:

Writing The Hollywood Blockbuster – Storytelling and Writing Panel  This is nearly two hours of storytelling and writing goodness with some high quality screenwriters.  (And don’t be ‘put off’ by the fact this video is about screenwriting – just think of it as about storytelling and visual writing).  Highly recommended.

Firefly 10th Anniversary Pane  I’m an unashamed Joss Whedon/Firefly/Serenity fanboy….so whilst there is less in this video (50 mins) than the previous one, I use James Scott Bell’s principle of it’s valuable if you only learn one thing.  I picked out three great storytelling tips from this.  YMMV.

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