Saturday Fiction Writing and Indie Publishing Round Up #11

by J.J.Foxe on November 24, 2012

Each Saturday I publish a collection of links to articles on fiction writing and Indie Publisher that I’ve enjoyed, found interesting, disagreed with, or just decided to link too.

In no particular order, here are this week’s collection of links:

Self Publishing From Outside USA: How TO Reclaim US Tax On Indie Author Royalties  If you self publish from the UK – or elsewhere outside the US – then this guide will put you on the right track to make sure that Amazon don’t withold tax money from your royalties.

How An Enterprising Author Sold A Million Self-Published Books This is a great profile of author C.J.Lyons and how she sold a million books.  There are a bunch of lessons to take away from this analysis….YOUR takeaways may be different than mine as we are all on our own, unique journeys.  Read this one a few times.

How Readers Discovered A Debut Novel: A Case Study  This is a blog post over at – and is definitely worth a read  The title says it all, and you may get some interesting promotional ideas.  Biggest takeaway: write a great story.

The New World Of Publishing: Some Perspective on 2012  You’ll find this one over at Dean Wesley Smith’s blog.  It’s Dean’s take on the publishing world of 2012 and what ***might*** happen in 2013.  Some interesting stuff here.  Comment thread is good too.

Joss Whedon’s Top 10 Writing Tips Joss Whedon is one of my favourite writers.  Period.  I’m not sure where this ‘Top 10’ writing tips is drawn from….but it’s very, very good.  Reecommended.

A New Character Driven Hero’s Journey Here’s a post I found on The Hero’s Journey in my research – this is on a site called Cracking Yarns which is a movie/screenwriting site.  This is no surprise to me as if you want to read/learn/study story then our screenwriting cousins are light years ahead of us fiction writers.  This post talks about a different character arc bound into Chris Vogler’s take on the Hero’s Journey than you’ll find in Vogler’s excellent book THe Writer’s Journey.  If the Hero’s Journey resonates with you, then you should read this.

What’s New On Da Foxe This Week

If you missed it, I curated a very, very cool masterclass/interview with screenwriter/storyteller Frank Darabont that you can find here:

Masterclass with Frank Darabont

This weighs in at  over 100 minutes long.

I also posted this:

What Fiction Writers Can Learn From Screenwriters – Part 1 Our screenwriting cousins are great models for various things….just go read the post!


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