Saturday Fiction Writing And Indie Publishing Round Up #10

by J.J.Foxe on November 17, 2012

Each Saturday I publish a collection of links to articles on fiction writing and Indie Publisher that I’ve enjoyed, found interesting, disagreed with, or just decided to link too.

In no particular order, here are this week’s collection of links:


The Power Of The Cliffhanger This article is from The New Yorker magazine (back from the end of July).  TV critic Emily Nausbaum looks at Cliffhangers in Radio and TV – and of course early literature.  Recommended reading for anyone thinking of episodic or serial fiction.

The Commodity Of Courage This is a guest post over at by Art Holcomb.  This is Art’s 12th Guest Post at Storyfix – and it’s his best by a long chalk.  It’s absolutely required reading.

Imagery And The Third Eye This is a post by Stephen King that you can find over at the excellent site run by legendary screenwriters Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio.  Be prepared to be there a long while – there are some absolutely cracking posts on all aspects of writing here.  It’s one of my favourite writing stops on the web!

Hugh Howey Doesn’t Need A Publisher Thank You Very Much Wickedly cool story about Hugh Howey’s self published success with Wool.  For me the big takeaway is that traditional publishers were not able to make him an offer that was better than what he was getting self published.  Not by a long shot.  Read the story yourself.  Not everyone will be like this….but thought provoking nevertheless.

Book Apps: Why Are We Still Calling Them Books?  This is a post by Laurissa Wolfram – and whilst it might sound pedantic whether we call electronic books an eBook or a book App – this comes down to buyer perception.  So it’s worth a read.

Area 51 Nightstalkers Slide Share  This is something different.  Bob Mayer – who is well known to Indie Writers and has an interesting blog at, plus has written some good books for writers  – has created a ‘Slideshare’ trailer for one of his latest books.  Check it out.  Very interesting.

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