Saturday Fiction Writers And Indie Publishing Write Up 32

by J.J.Foxe on April 27, 2013

Every saturday I round up a bunch of posts from around the old Interwebz that i find on things pertaining to fiction writing and indie publishing.

Some of these posts are new – and some of them are sitting gathering virtual dust on servers somewhere in the cloud and I’ve happened upon them in my searchings:

How To Publish An eBook – Resources for Authors  Here’s a post by Jane Friedman which collates a bunch of resources for authors who wish to indie publish.  Cool.

An Interview With Hybrid Author Michael J Sullivan  Really interesting interview with a guy who indie published, then took an offer from a major publisher, and for his latest book has gone back to indie publishing. The details of the Kickstarter he used are interesting (raised $30K).

Less The New More In Book Publishing?  Here’s an interesting post on book length.  Definitely worth considering…and worth thinking about serials, novellas, short story collections etc.

The Writing Machine Part 5  I’ve said before that Steven Barnes is one of the best kept secrets in the writing community. This is the latest addition to a great series of posts…and one of the best.  The full title of this is “Don’t Try Writing A Novel Until You’ve Sold 10 Short Stories.’  Read it and see if you agree or disagree with Steve’s logic.  Compelling.  And recommended.  Highly.

Konrath On Patterson  James Patterson took an ad out in the NY Time asking the US Government to bail out the publishing industry.  Here’s Konrath’s take on it – recommended.

Eisler On Digital Denial  This is also at Konrath’s place – Barry Eisler gave a keynote speech last week that caused a few Agents to wet their pants.  Read Barry’s take on it – the comments are worth reading too, some great stuff there.

Experiments  This is Kris Rusch’s weekly business blog post – it ties into something that Neil Gaimen said at his keynote at the London Book Fair about not being afraid to put stuff out there in different places, different formats, and see what works.  Recommended.

And speaking of Neil Gaimen, I curated the video of that keynote.  And you can watch it here:

Neil Gaimen Keynote

Larry McMurty – How I Write  An interview with Larry McMurty where he reveals his daily routine.  Love reading author interviews….if you do too, then click through and read!

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