Saturday Fiction Writers and Indie Publishers Roundup 48

by J.J.Foxe on October 19, 2013

Every Saturday I round up posts that I’ve found of interest to fiction writers and indie publishers.  Here’s some links for you to check out and enjoy:

The Self Publishing Platform That Outsold Amazon  Here’s an interesting post on someone who sold a non fiction book on Fiverr and found that the book more sales than Amazon.  Worth reading.

What Stephen King Isn’t This is an interesting article about Stephen King from the New Yorker. Very interesting for any of you genre mash up writers.

Is Money Necessary? This is over at Steve Pressfield’s website – and like a lot of Steve’s writing is authentic advice from a pro who’s put the hard yards in.  Check it out.

6 Months – Almost 13,000 Sold  This is a thread over at Kindleboards where horror author Jeff Olah shares details of how his post apocalyptic series has sold a bunch of units since he started publishing 6 months ago.  Well worth reading the entire thread…very interesting.

How To Get In The Zone And Stay There  This is one of Joanna Penn’s regular YouTube interviews – being a great believer in writing in a ‘flow state’ (or ‘in the zone’) I couldn’t wait to have a listen to this.  Some great stuff.  Recommended.

Self Publishing Podcast 76 This episode of the SPP features Mark from Kobo…and it’s definitely worth checking out.  And I think it’s worth checking out despite “Kobogate” that’s been all the buzz in indie circles for the last few days.

David Twohy Is A Hard Working Man This is a great interview with screenwriter/director David Twohy – great insights for all storytells. Recommended.

What’s New On The Foxe This Week?

I’ve got an ongoing series of posts on writing lessons from Marvel’s Agents Of Shields.  Part 3 was published this week…you can read it here:

Lessons For Writers From Agents Of Shields – Part 3

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