Saturday Fiction Writers And Indie Publishers Roundup 47

by J.J.Foxe on October 12, 2013

Every Saturday I round up posts that I’ve found of interest to fiction writers and indie publishers.  Last week’s round up post got lost in a haze of Guinness and Jager Bombs and the consequent two day hangover.  Long story.

So this week’s round up has got some extra links in it for you to enjoy:




Why We Need To Challenge E-Books  This is a really interesting post over at the Bookseller Association blog. And it asks some really pertinent questions about content, its length, format and so on.  Highly recommended.

Pixar’s 22 Rules Of Storytelling  I’m not sure if I linked to this before….but there’s a couple of really interesting rules that if I have seen this before I’ve not picked up fully on before.  Definitely worth checking out.

Pixar’s 4th Rule Of Storytelling  Another pixar link…and another link worth checking out.  And another 1 page outlining tool that could use like The Foolscap Method of Steven Pressfield’s for example.

Back To The Story Spine  And here’s another post related to the last one…these posts turned up in organic searching and reading.  You should read this one too.

Plotting As You Go  This post is over at Lee Goldberg’s blog and is a post by author Steve McHugh on his ‘plotting as you go’ method of plotting.  I love reading about the writing process of other authors…but take note of Lee Goldberg’s words in the intro: Everyone has to find their own way to their muse, so I asked Steve to tell us about his approach.  Those words are worth the price of admission on their own.

You As The Muse Sees You This is Steven Pressfield.  Do I need to say more?  Ok, then, here’s a piece about the necessity for doing the work.  As Steve says: put your ass where your heart wants to be.  Recommended.

 The Case For Writing A Story Before Knowing Its End  I love reading about other writers and how they experience the writing process.  And though I can’t foresee ever writing a story in this manner…I know there are people who DO write like this.  So if you are more of a pantser than a plotter, then this is recommended for you.

NanoWriMo Prep: The Index Card Method And Story Structure Grid  Here’s the antithesis of the previous post. Alex Sokoloff is a screenwriter turned novelist and I like reading her takes on story structure and outlining.

Storytelling As A Fine Art  This is one of David Farland’s Writing Tips and it’s a doozy. Recommended.

Neil Gaiman: All New Neverwhere Interview  I just saw Neil Gaiman talk at the Cheltenham Literary Festival – really nice guy.  Here’s a link to an interview about a truly awesome audio production of his book Neverwhere.


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