Saturday Fiction Writers and Indie Publishers Roundup 34

by J.J.Foxe on May 11, 2013

Every saturday I round up a bunch of posts from around the old Interwebz that i find on things pertaining to fiction writing and indie publishing.

Some of these posts are new – and some of them are sitting gathering virtual dust on servers somewhere in the cloud and I’ve happened upon them in my searchings:

The Writing Machine Part 7  I’ve been loving Steve Barnes’s series of posts on ‘the writing machine.’  Part 7 deals with theme in a way I’ve never seen it discussed before.  Recommended.

Will My Publisher Let Me Self Publish Too?  This is a link to a curated post at The Passive Voice.  (You can find the link to the original post here too).  I linked here because the comments are well worth trawling through….very interesting.  And the lessons here are about knowing your copyright and not getting caught out by non-compete clauses.

How To Sell Loads Of Books  This long post is by Russell Blake over at Kindleboards.  Russell details 26 things you should consider to sell more books.  There’s no magic buttons, no genies in bottles, no lightning strikes.  Refreshingly pragmatic.  Highly recommended.  (Russell has also posted a copy at his blog and there are a ton of comments….easily an hours worth of reading here!)

The Year Of the Bookstore  This is the best answer to the James Patterson Ad in the New York Times that I’ve seen around the blogosphere.  This is over at Kris Rusch’s site and her take is very interesting. Recommended.

How To Attract Readers By Creating A ‘Lighthouse’ Author Brand  This is a great post over at Jonathan Gunson’s Bestseller Labs website. Whether you are indie or trad published YOU are your brand. Jonathan details 7 steps you can make to improve that brand.  Recommended.

10 Proofreading Tips For Self-Publishers  A simple list of proofreading tips….worth looking at.

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