Saturday Fiction Writers And Indie Publishers Roundup #14

by J.J.Foxe on December 15, 2012

Each Saturday I publish a collection of links to articles on fiction writing and Indie Publishing that I’ve enjoyed, found interesting, disagreed with, or just decided to link too.

In no particular order, here are this week’s collection of links:


Interview with Guy Kawasaki This interview is hosted over at Joe Konrath’s blog.  The interview is by Barry Eisler and Guy Kawasaki has just released a book called APE (Author-Publisher-Entrepreneur).  It’s a good interview and I borrowed APE on my Kindle as Amazon recently rolled out lending for Prime Members on our side of the pond.  Interesting book so far as well.

How To Sell A Metric Crap Ton Of Books – With C.J.Lyons  This is Episode 32 of the Self Publishing Podcast.  This episode features bestselling writer C.J. Lyons and is definitely worth the listen. Some good learning to be had.

A Simple Way To Create Suspense  This article is by Jack Reacher author Lee Child and is definitely worth a read.  It’s all about the power of questions.  The fancy pants version of why this works is about creating ‘open loops’ – but Lee Child does a great job of presenting a primer in plain English.

How It’s Done This post on Kevin J Anderson’s blog is about how he wrote a 1000 page page in about 6 weeks.  Although I wouldn’t use the method that he uses….you might.  One of the things a writer needs to do IMO is discover a system that works for him. Whilst you’re looking for that system…you should read and listen to interviews with writers of all genres and styles.  You never know when you’ll find ideas that may work for you.

The Story Behind The Random House Gives 5000 Bonuses Story  This is a post over at Steven Pressfield’s website written by Shawn Coyne.  This is a Must Read IMO.  One of the best posts I’ve read in months.

The New World Of Publishing – Goals and Dreams  The last 10 days have seen a glut of great posts on the blogosphere….Dean Wesley Smith published two posts on Agents with absolutely fantastic comment threads.  (Pay close attention to Laura Resnick in the comments…she has lots of real world experience).  This latest piece is about the difference between goals and dreams in your writing…and is the third post in a series that all new writers should read.

Writing Like It’s 2009  Kristine Rusch’s wednesday posts on writing and self publishing should be required reading for all writers.  This one is a belter….talking about the myths of self publishing from the perspective of a prolific and experienced writer.  Must read.

What’s New On Da Foxe This Week?

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