Saturday Fiction Writers and Indie Publishers Round Up 49

by J.J.Foxe on October 26, 2013

Every Saturday I round up posts that I’ve found of interest to fiction writers and indie publishers.  Here’s some links for you to check out and enjoy:


Interview with Jeffrey Deaver  Jeffrey Deaver is a great thriller writer…I’ve been reading interviews with him for the last few days.  This is one of the best – you’ll find it over at

Acting Out  Here’s a guest post on the Save The Cat blog from a TV writer – the techniques she talks about are equally applicable to any kind of fiction.  Recommended.

Tips For Hitting 1000 Words A Day I found this thread over at Kindle Boards…and it’s worth reading through as there are some great tips and ideas here.

To Outline Or Not?I found this post on Joseph Finder’s website – and he talks about whether you should outline or not.  (Note: there’s no RIGHT way to write a story – there’s only YOUR way.  But it’s always worth reading what other writers think.)

How To Write A Novel  And speaking of outlines and writing, here’s what Justine Larbalestier (great name!) thinks about writing and outlining.

Expanded Story Elements Checklist  This post – over at Alexandra Sokoloff’s blog – you’ll find a story checklist if you ARE outlining.  Her entire NaNoWriMo series is worth reading.

Primetime – Really…Do I Have to Outline?  Here’s the TV writers take on outlining…just for some perspective.

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