Saturday Fiction Writers And Indie Publishers Round Up 46

by J.J.Foxe on September 28, 2013

Most saturdays I round up a bunch of posts from around the Interwebz pertaining to fiction writing and indie publishing. A lot of the things that I read are slanted towards film and screenwriting – but the takeaways are applicable to fiction.  There’s some really good posts here…so take your time going through them.

Barry Eisler in The Huffington Post Here’s a great interview with Barry Eisler over at the Huff Post.  There’s a nice sequence on why Barry thinks self publishing is a good fit for some writers…and some links to some good resources at Barry’s website.

Joss Whedon: The Definitive Entertainment Weekly Interview  Joss Whedon is one of my favourite storytellers – with the upcoming launch of his latest TV Series (Agents Of Shields), here’s a detailed interview with him.  Recommended.

Why Slow Is Good  This is a guest post over at CJ Lyons blog….it’s a good one too.  Recommended.

The Hero’s Journey And Historical Fiction As you’ll be seeing soon here on Da Foxe I’m a big fan of the Hero’s Journey, so I love reading posts that give different perspectives on Campbell’s work and how it applies to writing.

The EBook Market No Author Should Ignore  This is a really interesting post that I found via a link on Passive Guys blog. The English reading eBook market is probably MUCH bigger than you though.  Check this one out.

The Craft Of Writing With Michael Wallace  I love reading interviews with writers of all stripes…and this is Part 2 of a series at David Gaughran’s blog.  There are some things I don’t agree with – specifically relating to practice, 10,000 hours and all that.  I’ll be addressing them in the next few weeks here on Da Foxe.  But this is an interesting post that ties in with the ‘Why Slow Is Good’ post above.

Lessons Learned From 2 Years As A Fulltime Author Entrepreneur  This post – over at Jo Penn’s Creative Penn website – is well worth reading if you’re thinking of taking the plunge and going full time.


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