Saturday Fiction Writers and Indie Publishers Round Up 37

by J.J.Foxe on June 23, 2013

Most saturdays I round up a bunch of posts from around the old Interwebz that i find on things pertaining to fiction writing and indie publishing. My schedule has been irregular the last few weeks due to: (a) moving house: (b) attending a two day workshop

Here’s the best of recent posts that I’ve happened upon them in my searchings:

What A Mother Knows  Last weekend I attended John Truby’s “Anatomy Of A Story” two day workshop – something that I’ll blog about soon. John is perhaps known as a teacher for screenwriters – in this article he talks about his approach to writing story in the context of a novel.  Interesting stuff.

Murder Most Foul Kristine Rusch’s latest business blog post. Do I need to say more?

Guest Post by Marcus Sakey  Joe Konrath recently did a very cool thing that will result in over a hundred guest posts at his website – and helped raise over 10K for Alzheimer’s Research. This is the first of those guest posts…and it talks about Cover Art and being able to test it and so on. Recommended.

Stop Submitting Manuscripts to Publishers  This post is over at Dean Wesley Smith’s blog – and he believes that you shouldn’t submit manuscripts to publishers. His logic is compelling.  Recommended.

 To Be (Indie) Or Not To Be  This post at David Farland’s blog is what Dean was responding to in the post above. Also well worth reading. (On a side note the Foxe Clan moved three weeks ago and whilst unpacking books 5 to 8 of Dave’s Runelords Series were uncovered…and have gone into the Must Read Soon pile!)

Artistic Distance Steven Pressfeld wrote this post as part of his Writing Wednesday series. I have a reading calendar and always read the latest installment of this series on a Thursday morning along with Kris Rusch’s latest business blog.  Recommended.

It Was 700 Days Today  Russell Blake is an interesting indie published writer – in this post he celebrates the milestone of his two millionth word! In less than two years he’s published 22 novels. Irrespective of your impression of Russell’s writing there is a ton you can learn from his example.

15 Ways Amazon Can Improve Kindle Direct Publishing  This post is over at David Gaughran’s blog. Amazon are an innovative company – let’s hope they listen and implement some of these suggestions!

Self Publishing Is Destroying The World – Oh Noooooo  This is from author Laura Resnick. (Laura is only just dipping her foot into blogging….but over the last six months or so I’ve read a bunch of great comments from her on Dean Wesley Smith’s blog or The Passive Voice). This is a rebuttal of an article that made a splash recently that was about how self publishing was destroying literature. Recommended.

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