Saturday Fiction Writers and Indie Pubishers Round Up 30

by J.J.Foxe on April 6, 2013

How Kickstarter Is Replacing the Traditional Publisher  Here’s an interesting post written by fantasy author Michael J Sullivan about Kickstarter and hybrid publishing.  Worth reading.

There’s A Reason That No One In Publishing Bought Goodreads  This post is over at the Digital Reader and is an interesting follow up to last week’s gazillion posts commenting on the acquisition of Goodreads by Amazon.

Amazon And Goodreads  This is Hugh Howey’s take on the Amazon-Goodreads hook up – and I think it’s well worth checking out.  Hugh makes some interesting points and talks a lot of sense amidst the scaremongering.

The Assumption Of Agents  This is from Dean Wesley Smith.  If I was an Agent I’d be praying that no writers were reading.  Must Read.

Four Years  This is Kristine Rusch’s take on what’s happened in the Author To Reader Industry over the last four years.  (Some folks call it the publishing industry.…but that was sooooo 2007!)

Hugh Howie – Self Publishing Is The Future  This post is over at Salon.  Hugh Howey is a clever guy and you should listen to him….here he talks about people who are like you and me (and not like Hugh!) and who are making ‘hobby’ income and beyond from self publishing.  Inspiring.  Optimistic.  Awesome.  Go read.

Dealing With Bad Reviews  This is Konrath at his satirical best…the bottom line is: ignore reviews.  But worth reading – very funny.

Book Marketing Using Paid Promotion  This is over at Joanna Penn’s website and details her experience – both costs and sales and ranking figures! – with trying a paid promotion using a service that Konrath has been talking about recently called Bookbub.  Definitely worth reading.  All the caveats Joanna mentions should be borne in mind though….

Everything You Needed To Know About Screenwriting…but Was Afraid To Ask  This is a piece at the Independent  – ignore the atrocious headline, it’s an article about Story Structure by John Yorke.  John comes from a TV Drama background – and his thoughts on story are very interesting.  This is a ‘promo’ for his book Into The Woods which I’m reading at the moment and I highly recommend!

Selling Books On Kobo – A Very Incomplete Guide Here’s a great article on Edward Robertson’s blog about putting your books on Kobo and selling them.  Very cool

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