Saturday Fiction Writers and Inde Publishers Round Up 38

by J.J.Foxe on June 30, 2013

Most saturdays I round up a bunch of posts from around the  Interwebz  pertaining to fiction writing and indie publishing.  A lot of the things that I read are slanted towards film and screenwriting – but the takeaways are applicable to fiction.

Here’s the best of recent posts that I’ve found in the last week or so:

How To Be Prolific This is from an interview with Joss Whedon.  Most important advice here (IMO) – filling the tanks.  Follow the link to understand that reference.

Save My Blockbuster This is an intriguing post from the New York Times. The premise is this: a pitch for a Hollywood style summer blockbuster is critiqued by various people from the Hollywood food chain. Very interesting.

How Hard Is It To Turn Pro? Steven Pressfield is a regular weekly read for me….not every post is a home run. But even the ‘regular’ posts are good and worth reading. This post looks at the difficulties in doing something that seems easy. Worth reading.

Playing Well With Others Anyone interested in either writing in colloboration or writing fiction using the series model should read this Lee Goldberg post.

What Are The Rules?  This post is over at one of the best sites for story out there in the Interwebz – Terry Rossio and Ted Elliott’s Wordplayer site. In this post Terry Rossio talks about the rules of your story. Highly recommended.

The Alliance of Independent Authors This is an interview at David Gaughran’s with Orna Ross, director of the Alliance of Indepdendent Authors.

Christopher Nolan Talks About His Writing Process This is a frustratingly brief report of a Q&A after a screening of The Dark Knight. Still interesting though.


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