Saturday Fiction and Indie Publishing Roundup #7

by J.J.Foxe on October 27, 2012

The publishing and self publishing landscapes are changing at bewildering speeds. One of the things that’s part of my routine is to try and keep up to date with what’s happening as being experienced by other authors.  Every saturday I share the best posts that I’ve found each week – irrespective of when they were originally published!

Popularity, Visibility and KDP Select  If you’re indie publishing your work this post over at David Gaugrhan’s Let’s Get Digital blog is a must read.  Some interesting ideas and thoughts on getting visibility for your books.

Amazon Is Playing Indie Authors LIke Pawns  This post is by Smashwords founder Mark Coker – and is a direct contrast to David’s article above.  Worth reading both…and then my advice (based on my day job experiences) is to test and track and finds what works for YOU!

How To Write A Novel In A Month  NaNaWriMo is nearly upon this – this post by James Scott Bell gives some advice on how to get the most out of NaNaWriMo if you’re going to do it.  Some interesting tips – my favourites being the Furious 500 and the Nightcap 200.

Productivity Tips For NaNoWriMo 1 and 2 This is a blog post on Kevin Anderson’s blog – some interesting tips on productivity for writers.

Productivity Tips For NaNoWriMo 7 and 8  More from Kevin Anderson’s series of tips for NaNoWriMo writers.  Tip 7 is a doozy.

I’m New To Indie Publishing And This Is Awesome And Terrifying, Part 1: Releasing Your First Book  This post resonates with me as I’ve just finished the first draft of the first story that I’ll be publishing to Kindle on December 4th.  Great post.

Hitchcock’s Storyboards From 13 Classic Films  Fiction writers can learn a great deal (IMHO) from our cousins who write for the big screen and TV.  This post looks at some storyboards from classic Hitchcock films.  (Hitchcock is also someone writers can learn a lot from – can’t wait for W.C. Martell’s upcoming ‘blue books’ on Hitchcock!)

What’s New on Da Foxe This Week

This week I’ve been finding more interviews with writers to use as inspiration.

Interview with JRR Tolkien  Worth listening to this interview to hear the interviewer ask JRR if Frodo was Jesus?  Ha ha – the BBC were as clueless back in 1970 as they are now.  He might just as well have asked if Jimmy Savile was Sauron.  (That’s a contemporary reference for those of us on this side of the pond….)

Interview with Roald Dahl  Most people know and revere Roald Dahl for his children’s books like Charlie And The Chocolate Factory and so on.  (And rightly so – my fave is The Minpins).  He’s less well known for his excellent ‘stories with a twist’ for adults – and they are excellent.  So listening to him talk is a writer’s treat.


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