Who Is J.J.Foxe?

J.J.Foxe is my fiction writing persona.   In my ‘day job,’ my real name is already associated as a brand in two unrelated market areas….to add fiction to that mix would make an already unwieldy balancing act impossible.

So I’ve taken the name J.J.Foxe to attach my upcoming fiction to.

Why The Blog/Website?

Two reasons.

The first is accountability.  If I post my very specific fiction writing goals here in a public place then I’ll feel much more urgency about actually putting in the effort required to achieve those goals.

And the second reason as all about building an audience – or tribe – for J.J.Foxe.  Doing this has worked really well in my ‘day job’ – I’ll blog about this at some stage, but building your own audience or tribe is something that every author should be doing, whether they self-publish or publish traditionally.

And Why Now?

If you read the About JJ Foxe page, you’ll see that I’m old enough to have learned to type on a manual typewriter, but young enough to type at 100 Words Per Minute.   So why embark on this journey now?

There are two reasons.

The first one is this – and I’m quoting Bestselling Author Stephen Barnes here:

“I’d rather fail at writing than succeed at anything else. “

And the second reason is this year I’ve had my nose rubbed in my own mortality too many times – each time I interpret this as a message from the universe.  There are stories only I can write….I’d fucking hate it if when the day comes, part of the ‘eulogy’ at my funeral was about the stories I’d never written.

Really.  I’d hate that.

What Will You Find On J.J.Foxe.com?

There are two main sections on the J.J.Foxe.com website – there’s a section for readers of The Kingston Chronicles.  And there’s a section for writers.

The ‘For Readers’ sections will feature blog posts/articles that might be of interest to readers.  Maybe some reviews.

The ‘For Writers’ section will feature blog posts and articles on the different facets of writing and storytelling and self publishing that I’m interested in.

Why Should I Listen To J.J.Foxe?

This blog is for four types of people:

  • Me  – if I write down my goals in a public place then I’ll hold myself much more accountable than if I scribble them in my ‘Goals Diary.’  Plus any blog posts I write where I share my thoughts on the ‘writing process’ will help ME learn at a deeper level.
  • People who want to write, or want to self publish what they’ve written.  Hopefully my journey will give them a blueprint to follow.  If I can do it, they can do it.
  • Writers who want to get better at writing.  If you subscribe to the million words of crap method of getting better, I’ve got some radical ideas you might find helpful.
  • As the Kingston Chronicles stories are published on Kindle (and Nook, and Kobo and Smashwords and any new platforms that pop up) I want to connect with readers who like the stories and actually wanna hang out with J.J.Foxe the author.

If you’re one of these four types of people, I hope you’ll stick around and dive into some of the content I’ve got planned for J.J.Foxe.com.

If you’re not one of those four types of people you probably shouldn’t be here.  Time is the one resource we’ve all got the same amount of…so if what I’m writing about doesn’t fit you, then find blogs and websites that resonate with you.  And go read them.

On With The Journey

I’ve set out what you can expect in the coming weeks and months on J.J.Foxe.com.  It’s time to get on with the journey.

I hope you’ll enjoy the ride.



James Foxe


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